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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  January 31, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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closes in peninsula at 7:00 eastern and in the panhandle at 8:00. different time zone. dow not too bad. your turn, neil. >>neil: four hours to go, winner take all part of voters are streaming into the polls. jobs and housing the big issue. turn out is picking up markedly. more than 1.5 million voters are expected to be in and out when all is said and done. who are they turning out for? on top of a big vote on tap, florida's 50 delegates are up for grabs and newt gingrich and mitt romney, tighting to -- tigt to the finish. and we have billionaire donald trump, democratic congressman and former head of g.e. jack
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welch. >> they downsized the turn out estimates from 2 million plus to 1.5 million to 1.7 million. in florida brought unemployment is higher than the national average and housing has been devastated for the last few years, the battle over those issues has been eclipsed by the thingist and attacks on personality and character between mitt romney and newt gingrich. the former massachusetts governor romney leading before today's primary has had a fairly low key primary day. he worked the phones from the headquarters and talked to the press briefly and he has gone to a couple of polling places and he told me to coast to victory and score the 50 winner take all delegates in florida to launch him further ahead of newt gingrich. newt gingrich has been pounding romney recently, and today is on the air with a new robo call raising questions of some of romney's tenure in massachusetts
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suggesting because of a veto he denied kosher food for jews in nursing homes and romney campaign argues that is fault and gingrich doesn't understand the facts no kosher meals were denied. this has caused both candidates to make the last few days of the campaign about issues of trust and intelligencery. squeezed out the economic battle over foreclosures, the real estate market and unemployment as the candidates go for who the voters can rely upon most to be a good republican nominee in in opposition to president obama. >>neil: on the same day we got word that u.s. budget deficit will swell to more than $1 trillion, the 4th year running. the congressional budget office estimates that the shortfall comes at $1.1 trillion, the latest agreement held, but over 10 years about $2 trillion less debt than we would have seen, but, still, $9 trillion in more
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debt than we presently have. so, you can count home depot founder my next guest to be worried. we keep piling on. >>guest: we keep piling on, and, frankly, we see the candidates going after reach other, and, the country is going down the drain. we have a president that is campaigning as much as they are, who is minding the store? >>neil: we talk and carl did about the personal attacks of both newt gingrich and mitt romney, each saying the other started pit but they have been compounding it, and saving little time to address the economic issues. that's a real bone of contention for you. >>guest: well, yes, it is. and, one of the reasons well hear it more and more but right now no one is addressing it, for instance, if you speak to businessmen around the country, which i do, i speak to the small
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guys that have 200 or 300 people working for them, and, they all tell me the same thing, the costs are going cup they cannot afford to put the costs on to their customers and they are squeezed in the middle and we see the price of oil and energy going up, and it is becoming more intolerable. one other thing, neil, let me tell you this, we hear so much about the 1 percent, people like myself, the 1 percent, and, yet, the biggest damage being done today to the small guy. you go to the grocery store today you will find that the price of meat is up, vegetables, poultry, everything is up, the costs of gas is tremendous. i went to a gas station the other day, a woman was putting in foyer gallons. she said that is what i do. i put two gallons in, four gallons in. the small guy, the small person, they are getting hurt while they are playing this big game office
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the millionaires making the money, we are not watching out for the small people and the small business guy is continuing to get squeezed, and he will continue to get squeezed in the future, and we are causing us to lose the jobs that we need to have to turn this economy around. you know, in the retail business be we say everything depends on the sales. everything happens with sales. and in this country, everything happens with jobs. if we have jobs, we are going to number good shape. we don't have jobs --. >>neil: but you argue, the administration is saying, look, it is not great but the trend is looking if we had 21 months of steady growth and they are looking at that as the wind at their back. >>guest: they are running for office and the whole thing is a game of numbers, and, how about all of people are out of work and they have given up looking for jobs? so, you want to make the numbers? give me a good accountant and i
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will show all great economy. >>neil: let melt talk -- let me talk about the message. the prescription in a state like florida could rang kill some in florida and i wonder how that registers in a general election, to homeowners half of whom are under water in this state, they are saying, look, it is not the government's job do prolong this and we would not recommend another federal rescue program, that is pretty much each of their views and the same with entitlements they want to bring them in but they are not specific and a state with a lot of beneficiaries, that could be a tough sell, so, what do make of that pitch, and tough love from republican candidates? >>guest: well, i don't think they do themselves any good and they are not doing the republican party any good. the media is loving this, the greatest thing in the world.
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in atlanta, the headlight was on primary coming up, nothing about the real issues that are causing tremendous amount of pain in the united states. i don't think it does anyone any good and it doesn't do the republican party good, i don't know how they will, between newt and myself, the acrimony is so deep, i don't know at the end whether --. >>neil: let me ask you about nut -- newt gingrich, his criticism is bain, has that done damage, as you who has benefited from venture capital, do you worry about? >>guest: yes, listen, i'm a product of the free enterprise system. i'm a product of the capitalist system. very frankly, if not for wall street, and the stock market, home depot could not have survived. we were four stores, we need money to expand. we went to the market.
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and we went to the capital market. we have stock issue. and we got the money to raise more stores. we did that constantly through our career. now, why newt would attack the free market and the capitalist system is beyond me. it is what made america great and what, you walk around and you see poverty not united states but you see everyone with a cell phone, everyone with a tv in their house, poverty here is helped bit impact that capitalism has created jobs in america so i don't buy that issue and i think that newt gingrich and i know him well, he went off on a wrong thankent and i am sorry who did it, i don't think it helped the republican party and it is not going to help in the final analysis when we go to elect the president. >>neil: thank you, we will watch closely. >>guest: good to talk to you. >>neil: what can i tell you, the ladies are still in love? did you see this? >> the president made me family something, a special quality. >> my god. it was so ... talk about ... it
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was crazy. >> he just moved, and this amazing thing. >> fantastic. >> groomed. >> like a peacock. loves to be colorful. and full of feathers. and dough all these great outfits. that is what he does. i love that about hip. >>neil: get out. ladies, wait until you see what i am wearing tonight. you can get yourself tonight on the fox business network, a lost you are saying maybe they weren't talking about me. prove it. i will be on the air the second the polls close, ahead of them closing and nonstop until all the results are in, and fox business network is the only major election coverage of the minute by minute and how it is affecting the dow, asian markets, europe, the whole world. you rarely get this in one spot but you will see it on fox
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polls and many call ground zero. half of the florida homeowners are underwater, owing more than their home is work. and donald trump says this is by far the over-the-top issue for a lost voters today. you would not know it given the personal attacks and the runaway best seller "time to get tough," is on the phone now. my favorite guests ever. >>guest: love the word "ever," that is a big word. >>neil: how many years? >>guest: a long time. known you a long time. >>neil: i knew you when you were a single billionaire. and my network has not changed at all. but health's talk about what is going on you have a knack for getting right to the problem here. and in florida, and you know the state very well, they are worried about this housing thing that does not end. are any of the candidates addressing it? >>guest: a lot of wealth has been wiped out because the majority of the wealth was in their homes and now that has
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been decimated. and it is sad when you see it. i know so many people, people that worked we me they put so much in their homes, fixing them, kitchens, and bathrooms and they considered that money in the bank and one day they were just literally wiped out with the home down 60 percent or 70 percent and it went down 60 percent or 70 percent and it addressed in a modest form like china and opec and our other big problems are hardly discussed. >> but we are showing tampa like, a city we mentioned early with the rally problems, let me ask you this, the republican message not uniformly, but, generally, is, government efforts to regulation cue homeowners prolong thing a any and maybe the boat are thing is to cease and desist, a tough love approach in a state that probably wants some help. >>guest: it is probably prolonging the agony.
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we owe $15 million in this country and they have been pouring money down the drain and it is probably something where you just have to let it be ironed out. prices are going to go up. i've been telling people this is now recently, i am saying this is now a great time to buy a house, but one day you will see prices going up 4 percent, 20 percent, 30 percent, and here we go again. so it is a great time to buy a house. >>neil: when you say one day, i was talking to a guy last night on fox business network, and if you don't get it you should demand it, he was saying, he could see this housing problem continuing for years, years, and it takes from ten, sometimes 20 years to overcome a housing crash. is that right? >>guest: well, i don't think so, i don't think it will be that long but the government has to get out of the way. it is a big problem and i do get fox business network by the way and i like it a lot but i think
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that the government has to get out. they have to get out of the way. it has to solve. we have to solve this problem. and, i look at some areas and if you look at man hall, man hall is doing well, certain pockets, paul beam florida is doing unbelievably well, certain pockets that do well but they tend to be the wealthy pocket. in the middle income and moderate income they are doing absolutely terrible. and, one of the big problems is the banks that got bailed out are not loaning money to buy houses for people. people want to buy a louse and they cannot get money from banks. so, the banks have to loosen up. the regulators i understand are making it impossible for the bank dozen loan money to buy houses. >>neil: newt gingrich has been blasting the media lately saying that in future debates he is not too coon on having a journalist or anyone from the media hosting it, i don't know if he was referring maybe you would be a better bet, but, there was that debate that fell apart and newt
1:18 pm
gingrich and rick santorum committed to participating in one but, what do you make of it, it became, him being the nominee up against president obama and he would not do it if the media personality were hosting it. >>guest: he is saying the opposite because i watched him once and it was great to watch because he wanted, he was talking about the lincoln and douse lag debates and lincoln followed douglas around and i would think he would want to debate obama as much as possible and now he is limiting that. you have no choice but do have the media hosting debate and sharing debate. i watch bret baier host and he did a fantastic job and i thought he was fair and there were others that did a great job and they were fair. so, i don't think he really has much of a choice on this one. >>neil: did you watch the debate i asked questions? >>guest: you were fantastic. you were brilliant. you stole the show. >>neil: thank you very much. well said. finally your thought on the economy right now, we heard we
1:19 pm
are running $1 trillion plus deficit fourth year running and that means, the the president's entire term has been overseeing report deficits here after year after year after year regardless of what he inherited, that is tough to hang on to. >>guest: the economy is weak. the economy is not really getting better. unemployment is much higher than the numbers you see. the real numbers probably 20 percent or 21 percent they don't count those who gave up. the real number is well over 19 percent and could be over 20 percent. other nations are eating our lunch. no matter who we do business with, each of them are getting rich at our expense. and, we just cannot really let it go on. and our economy is very artificial, too, because there is so much artificial stimulus given it makes the economy look better than it is and that will have to stop, so be our economy is not doing well. >>neil: all right, thank you,
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again. donald trump, you heard the obama money machine and little did we know they are actually using machines and if jobs are the number one issue, jack well were knows what it is going to take to turn things around. jenna shared her recipe with sharon,
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>>neil: the dow finished the best january in record percentage wise the best we have seen in 15 years climbing 3 percent for the month for the 4th straight monthly gain and now this hand wringing, good time cobs ahead but is this about to change if the president punishes through tax hikes?
1:24 pm
my guest, democratic congressman is not concerned? you do not think this would upset the apple cart? >>guest: it depends which hike you are talking about. if you are talking about letting the bush tax cuts expire as currently scheduled to do, i don't think it is a big deal. if you are talking about 160 million not allowing those tax cuts to go failure, that is a big deal. >>neil: you saying for the tax cuts or the tax rates to expire for the upper income you would let them expire. >>guest: yes but not the 10 million who we are trying to get a tax cut for now, the 160 million, they are the consumers, you kow that. these people when they are saying, $1,000 or $2,000 a household that money is put back into the economy and allows for jobs to be created, and it makes
1:25 pm
for a much better flow in our committee. those people at the high end, we know what happens with that money. it goes into their portfolios and it may not ever get into the economy the way it needs. >>neil: what they do with their money is their business but leaving that aside there is a propensity to look at further raising taxes and ever cutting spending. >>guest: well, we did cut spending. $7 million the last cut. >>neil: but that is barely a rounding error. >>guest: but don't say we didn't cut. >>neil: but you slowed 9 growth. you slowed the growth by $900 some odd million. >>guest: that is the definition of a cut. this is my 20th year here and it is always those who are doing
1:26 pm
it say we are cutting and those who are against it say we are curting the growth in spending. >>neil: fair enough but you her we added another $1 trillion plus deficit fourth year running, is it time people get testify about big serious spending cuts. >>guest: yes, we should about spending cuts and about revenue raisers. our tax coat is crying out for reform. we know that. let's reform the tax code. make sure that everyone has the same benefit, everyone pays by the same rules so that everyone can be part of this growth going forward. >>neil: does that include, sir, the half of all households that pay no income tax right now? would it be fair they put something in the game? >>guest: if you do not pay income tax you are not paying income. >>neil: that is not true they are paying social security or
1:27 pm
medicare or what have you i can understand a few% but 46 percent? >>guest: that is why richard nixon and the republicans in the past gave us the earned income tax credit. >>neil: but 46 percent not paying income tax? >>guest: so what? >>neil: so what, that is a big deal. >>guest: they contribute to the economic growth in the country. >>neil: but they have in skin in the game for correcting our tax code or addressing it. i understand what you are saying, about fairness, and maybe you are right but how about half paying no come taxes is that fair? >>guest: if they don't have sufficient income to pay taxes. why should we say to those who are making almost no income, got children to feed, and making $20,000 a year, you need --. >>neil: a lot of them make more than $50,000, i am not saying they are all spongeing off the system but i am staying
1:28 pm
the i.r.s., when 46 percent do not make income tax, and i am not saying you, you are paying social security, medicare and not as if you are getting away but you are not part of this income tax-producing nation, and pointing fingers at the rich who are, you only further heightening this, i don't know, this angst between the classes, right? >>guest: do not denigrate poor people. >>neil: 46 percent people, they cannot all be poor people. >>guest: 46 percent are only making $20,000 a year or less we ought to do something about that. those are the people who are not paying income tax and i don't want them to pay an income tax. i don't mind paying a little more on their behalf. the people that make $20 million paying no income tax or paying 14 percent, as is happening, as a feltal candidate made $21
1:29 pm
million doing no work at all? >>neil: well, he paid taxes on that money, when he had, and the money that he reinvested he is paying capital gains, there is a capital gains and he is paying that rate, it is not as if he is dodging the tax man. >>guest: he could be dodging we don't know because he has the money in 9 -- the cayman islands and other places and will not let us see it. he could be dodging. if he is not, expose it all, let us see it. >>neil: you just implied, congressman, that mitt romney is getting arpaioing -- away by paying a rate that is not right, he is paying a capital rate on money he already paid the highest rate on, he took that money, and reinvested, and that money made money, and it is taxed at a different rate, 15 percent, but it is not as if he has masterminded a highway robbery here, right?
1:30 pm
>>guest: not a highway robbery, by any means but it is unfair tax code. he did pay taxes on the principle. but the principle is new getting additional income of another interest. and he is paying a less rate on the money he has made off of money. >>neil: but that kind of money taxed at that rate, congressman, compels those who want to invest and startup enterprise or turn companies around and risk their capital they will risk it when there is a rate of 15 percent, they might not if it is 30 percent or 40 percent or 50 percent. >>guest: fair assessment. but, you never know when the money pops offshore, if the money is in the cayman islands in a swits bank -- swiss bank account. we have no idea. utah, how this man made his money and what he has done with it, maybe you have some secret insight into the swiss bank account, i don't, and i don't know of anyone else who may have that kind of access, so --.
1:31 pm
>>neil: so if he gives $4 million in clarity and to a variety of causes you question where the money comes from, it has to come back home taxed at rates of the united states and that does not make a difference to you, he is evil because it is somewhere else? >>guest: well, i would prefer that we all play by the same rules in this country. i've never given $3 million in a year but $1.7 million my wife and i give to our alma mater in south carolina, if we used the assessment of the widow, it is much, much, much more money than the president candidate has given. >>neil: congressman, always a pleasure, thank you very much. >>guest: thank you for having me.
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>>neil: we have the pain in the panhandle, and in florida voters are suffering high unemployment. what does it take to get the jobs back to the state? [ male announcer ] to the 5:00 a.m. scholar.
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1:36 pm
2012 and the c.e.o. legend jack welch says the governor has the right idea and the right add tuesday and now, joining me now from jupiter, florida. jack, always good to have you. >>guest: neil, how are you? >>neil: the governor, people forget they talk about ten percent unemployment but he has brought it down two points and obviously cutting it is a tough decision, he suffered in the polls are for it. what do you think of that approach? >>guest: well, he is coming back, i think the polls are coming up but more importantly he is setting a tone here, come to florida we will make life easier, create jobs and i will incentivize to you do these things rather than have a squadron trying to penalize you. >>neil: if that approach gets heard? a friendly overture rather than
1:37 pm
with all respect to my previous guest, a presumed slap in the face. i don't know if that ... is accurate but it certainly reeks of being unfair? >>guest: without question when you look at what is happening in wisconsin, look what scott walker has done. he has cut the deficit. he has a balanced budget. he is creating jobs. and, more importantly, he is talking about bringing business to wisconsin. it is in different than it is here. it is wonderful to have these governors trying to create an atmosphere where business is welcome, where they understand that's how you get jobs. >>neil: this presidential has been criticized for not doing enough for businesses and many have said, you are not getting it drop, we are sick and tired of the class warfare thing. what do you make of this whole
1:38 pm
approach to the business community? >>guest: well, i think, you know, the administration takes the idea that punishing is the focus rather than incentivizing. for example, you may have read in the "wall street journal" today, the fact that the states attorneys general were about ready, are about ready to make a settlement on the mortgage issue. in the state of the union, the president offered a new task force on top of the state attorneys general, to go out and find culprits which could derare the settlement. it is, again, always looking at punitive side of things, it is just an attitude. i don't know if he really understands how badly it creates a stigma against business. how hard it is to invest when you don't know what the tax rate is going to be. how hard it is to invest when
1:39 pm
you don't know what the regulations are going to be. neil, this climate setting is extremely important if any environment. >>neil: but newt gingrich has been going after bain capital for whatever reason he has muddied the republican message on what is unfettered capitalism and what is not? >>guest: well, i think he did, and i think he has backed off of that to some extent. but he is basically into the idea that romney is a massachusetts moderate, now, much more than he is talking about bain and he found it to be unwelcome message. >>neil: can they rally around each other, i know when they have a succession search after you left g.e. and there were three or four guys up for the job, i thought they had food tasters just in case. but, how does that go? can you rally around the winner in or do you just bolt?
1:40 pm
you leave? >>guest: well, in our case, we asked them all to leave and go out and get new jobs because i wasn't in favor of having people hanging around who weren't selected. in the case of a political campaign, look what happened with hillary clinton and joe biden. they were brought right into the camp and it has worked very well. campaigns are ugly. primaries are ugly. everyone throws rocks at one ago but not end, the principle here is, to change administrations. to take this administration out of washington and replace it with a cohesive total country focus in making us more competitive in the world. >>neil: you did that with me, at cnbc, neil, there is the door, don't let it hit you on way out. ocean you left as you know, over
1:41 pm
the rules. >>neil: jack welch always a pleasure. thank you. good health. >>guest: take good care, neil. >>neil: former master of g.e. the nation is running on credit, why not the election campaign? it's such a tough... yeah. the spectrum is from lg. and the r2 unit is from... from naboo. naboo. yeah. the spectrum's got a 4.5" screen, fits nicely in your hand. r2-d2 needs a starfighter. starfighter ?
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with your enrollment. don't wait another minute. call now or go to lifelock service guarantee cannot be offered to residents of new york. >>neil: the obama and romney campaigns have one thing in common: campaign staffers have started accepting money from supporter on-the-spot. it only takes the sweet of a credit card over a smartphone. and now, florida voters head to the polls and they say this is why organization is key. >> right. and romney has the organization background, that is why part of the reason he surged in florida, but, the obama administration clearly has the edge here. and in 2008, president obama's use of the internet is a reason why he is president using youtube effect every.
1:45 pm
back then, twitter did not twist. so, the obama campaign has indicated they have a couple of things up their sleeves to outtech the competition. >> i know a lot of the romney camp money guys and they ... they can, they are savvy at the uses of available today with today's technology. to get money from people. this is the first time i have heard of carrying one of those devices with you to get money on the spot. >>guest: yes, the fact that both campaigns doing this knows sophistication which was not there. romney has a business background and a lot of money, too, if he needs he can dip into his own wealth. >>neil: is he using a lot of his own? >>guest: last time he did. but not this time. at least not yet. but obama is looking to raise not range of $1 billion so we will have the outside groups,
1:46 pm
that will probably help the right, but, romney is spending a lost money now and obama is piling it up. >>neil: thank you, robert, good to have you, managing editor of "the hill," in washington. newt gingrich says he is bringing in the loot. according to newt gingrich, they gave $5 million in january, $10 million just last quarter but is it enough to keep him in the race for the long haul? to political strategist you say if newt gingrich plays it smart this race regardless of what happens custody far from over. >>guest: that is right. you need 1,144 delegates to win. after florida, romney only has 71 delegates and gingrich will have 23 so this is far from over and the february contests only favor romney if he gets the money. >>neil: what about the outside pac groups that the candidates use but in the case of newt gingrich who does not have as
1:47 pm
much of to resource, he does have the casino billionaire and operator, who has millions ready to lock and load. >>guest: well, that is right. right after florida with the loss, i am telling you newt gingrich is rubbing a remember bit's foot praying he does not lose by double digit because they could could argue i can get right back in. >>neil: the argument that has been raised by newt gingrich has been look at romney's vote and everyone else. but, by that definition, well, yes, you are not catching the majority, mitt romney, you are getting a plurality but you do not have the majority. you could have made that argument in 1992 with bill clinton when he was marching to the nomination and there were six others in the race denying a majority, if memory serves in the general election he did not get the majority but got under 50 percent. my point is, is that effective
1:48 pm
argument? for fundraisers and people who want to give you money is it compelling? >>guest: no, because most people see wins and losses and when we come out of florida tomorrow the mayorive is that newt newt gingrich is trounced by mitt romney. so newt gingrich needs to get benefactors to keep doing. >>neil: so double digits is something he wants to avoid in floridaed if tonight, because then he feels he is okay if it is less than double digits? >>guest: exactly, and karl rove said it last night. >>neil: done, done, done, you and karl rove, done. that's it. done. >>guest: dent get me in trouble, i'm daying in the romney hotel, okay? >>neil: thank you. ford. voters are not overly turned on. where is the enthusiasm we saw where is the enthusiasm we saw last election season? unlike rdy.
1:49 pm
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>>neil: do you remember senator mark rubio creating excitement in florida? the magic feeling is missing for the republican presidential candidate this time. and my guest is searching for the magic in the land of magic, orlando, at the sight of the newt gingrich campaign nighttime event today. >> we could see record turn up up to two million possible voter s and large turn out and intense interest in the debate but when we it is to the voters they express dissatisfaction with the candidates. >> it has been a bloody campaign and i am disappointed the way all republics are going
1:53 pm
ambassador each other. >> most of all, what we are looking for in a president is to restore the confidence, consumer confidence, to people think things are improving opposed to droning along. >>reporter: on the florida ballot are nine candidates listed, designed last year, and only four candidates still running and here in florida, just we candidates, newt gingrich and romney, still active live campaigning, and paul and santorum have left for lesser expensive markets. back to you. >> is there any sense you are getting, steve, from the people you talked to, that the personal swipes, that the candidates have been taking or devoid of policy or issue discussions or how they will turn the economy around, that hurt them or, just, has it just turned east voters? >>guest: there are two
1:54 pm
different sides. we have heard both sides saying the attack ads work and they will continue to attack and we find dissatisfaction and disgust with the voter including hearing "disgrace," and "liar," but the canidates state it is working in the campaigning. >>neil: talk about a contact sport. there is a new anything -- a new newt gingrich supporter fighting or attacking a ron paul supporter. and he is fighting back. ♪
1:55 pm
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chevy runs deep. >> all right. as we're focused on all things florida. this takes the political attack to a whole new level. ron paul is accusing a newt gingrich supporter of stepping over the line for reportedly stepping on the feet of one of his supporters. the incident said to have taken place in windemere, florida. the poll supporters showing up at a gingrich rally. when he said they stomped on his feet.
1:58 pm
now, ron is demanding newt apologize. no comment from newt gingrich just yet. i think it was newt who was stomping on the guy's feet, i think it was a supporter who w was, newt apologizes for one of his guys stomping on his feet. and you have to be a heel if he didn't. and toe hold on that. all right. oh, relax. fair and balanced, it wasn't just the new england patriots taking notice of our primary coverage on fbn. >> he's done an outstanding job. we knew him as an excellent athlete. a guy who comes very well prepared. very energetic and exceptional weight room worker, mondays, tuesdays he's out there running and doing extra conditioni conditioning. >> you have to do do what i do. you just have to. i'm going to need that extra conditioning tonight. and because our primary coverage 7:55 eastern time.
1:59 pm
why 7:55, you ask? why not? but we're not only watching the the political fallout we're also keeping tabs on the financial, and the only network on the planet doing both. early market reaction over here, early trading overseas as the asian markets open, that fast, around the world. here is what happened. in palm beach county, we're done. we just started because it isn't just about the red, white and blue, my friends, our mantra on fbn, it's about your green. now, i'm wondering, some of you poor souls out there don't get fbn. >> demand it! >> well worth it. some people say, you know, it's not on our basic cable package, trade up. trade up. trade up. any on this front, paul, foot stomping thing? all right.


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